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Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, we have two classes which are 6D and 6Q. Our PE day is Friday, children should come to school in PE kit on those days. Homework and reading records will be collected on Mondays, and homework is handed out on Thursdays. 

Please see below our termly planner, our knowledge organisers, recommended reading list and what we have been getting up to this academic year!

SAT's Resources

Year 6 had their SATs parent workshop recently. Thank you to those who attended. The relevant presentations are available below.   

Brain Illustration


During SMSC, we discussed how change is a part of life and the many ways in which we can cope with changes in our lives by categorising things we can and can't control. We also highlighted how a growth mindset can allow us to bounce back from difficulties and become more resilient in and out of school. 

Filling Out Form


During PHSE this week, we played games, took part in a range of activities and discussed the importance of listening as part of Children's Mental Health Week 2024. 

Screenshot 2024-01-24 141957.png


This week, we have been learning to draw in the style of our focus artist: Keith Haring. Year 6 used lines successfully to depict movement.

Christmas Pine Tree


This week we learnt the story of Christmas. On Thursday we had a traditional Christmas dinner followed by an afternoon full of fun activities. 



After researching, analysing and attempting to draw in his style, we took inspiration from Keith Haring to create our own interpretations of his fun, vibrant and expressive art!

Screenshot 2024-01-25 104017.png


Refraction occurs when light travels from one medium to another. For example, from air to water. This week in year 6, we investigated the effects of refraction by exploring how light travels through different media. Some really fun observations were made!



This week, year 6 began their Science topic: Light. The children spent time exploring how light travels in straight lines and how it reflects off surfaces enabling us to see.



This week we have been learning about the Vikings and their attempts to conquer Britain!

School closes for end of Spring Term - Friday 22nd March

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