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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3, we have two classes which are 3SM and 3Q. Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday, children should come to school in PE kit on those days. Homework and reading records will be collected on Mondays, and homework is handed out on Thursdays. 

Please see below our termly planner, our knowledge organisers and what we have been getting up to this academic year!


This week in RE we have conducted research about the River Ganges . We have explored the importance of it and even discovered amazing facts!


This week in History we researched all about Stone age and Bronze age tools and created a poster all about it!


This week in History we explored changes of Stone age to Bronze age tools. On iPads we have researched and collected information about the tools and created a poster to compare the differences. 


This week in art we etched our cave art designs onto foam and then painted it. Then we printed it onto a large piece of fabric.



This week in Science we have started to learn about plants. We explored new vocabulary and researched more about the growth and development of plants using iPads. 


This week we have conducted two investigations in Science. These experiments involved making slime and a water clock. We have learned so much about the properties of Slime and forces and gravity. 



This week the children have completed writing their own newspaper reports about talking animals. They learnt about the language and structural features of reports, direct and reported speech and the 5W's. We have really enjoyed reading each other's reports. 


This week in History children researched all about pyramids and how they were built and positioned using astronomy.


In Science children carried out a practical which involved children finding magnetic and non-magnetic items in the classroom. 



Year 3 explored the British values this week specifically focussing on Tolerance, Democracy, Rule of law and Respect. To show you what we have learned we traced our hands in our books then on each finger we have defined each value, take a look of our amazing work!!!!


This week we have been practising colour mixing techniques to produce a painting of the Rainforest.



We have been learning about Animals Including Humans. We put together the bones for the Skelton and named him Bob!

Online Class


This week we have been learning the importance of staying safe online. Identifying the dangers and steps to follow to keep safe!



This week we were exploring persuasive texts and identifying persuaive opinions during our Literacy lessons.

Best Friends


This week we have been learning the importance of building good relationships with our peers. 


This week in year 3 we have used scratch to design and create our own games.


This week in Literacy we have researched everything about giraffes and wrote our very own non-chronological report about it, using the information we have gathered.

thumbnail_image (4).png


This week Year 3 went to Outback2basics to learn more about the Stone age. Throughout this trip, they created their own shelters and dressed up as the people that lived during the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic times.


This week in History we compared our lives to those people who lived in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic times. We worked in groups to act out the lifestyle of those individuals and preformed it to the rest of the class.


This week we have started our new topic in Art. We have explored a range of cave art paintings and used charcoal, oil pastels and chalk to draw some animals we have identified within the cave art paintings.



This week we have created our own traditional stories. We have added our own parts to the traditional story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

Diwali Candles


This week in RE we have learnt all about what makes a good person in Sikhism. We also discovered what the Khalsa is and the importance of it in a Sikhs life.



This week children wrote their own adventure stories in Literacy.



This week we have been learning more about Friction and Forces. We carried out an investigation to see if objects move differently on different surfaces. We used a jam jar lid and flicked it across different surfaces and measured how far the lid went. It was difficult to make sure we used the same force to flick the lid each time, but to be great scientists we need to make sure our investigations are fair tests!

Christmas Pine Tree


This week we learnt the story of Christmas and had a traditional Christmas dinner followed by an afternoon full of fun activities. 



For this weeks D&T project we have been making moving mechanisms to showcase our Rainforest topic.



We have been learning about the Amazon River and the Amazon Basin. We have looked at the uses of the Amazon River, the Rainforest layers, the indigenous people who depend on the Amazon to survive. Rainforest 'Dave' also came to visit us and brought a selection of different animals for us to look at. See some of the pictures below.

Math Notebook and Calculator


For our Maths lesson this week we subtracted ones and tens from a given number and solved some hard equations! 

Math Exercises


This week we have been learning Maths reasoning and learning the different methods used to solve equations.  

Bell Heath Year 6 - 24th June - 26th June

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