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Internet & Gaming Safety

As you are aware,  Canterbury Cross is very pro-active with regard to keeping our children up to date and protected on the internet and computers whilst in school and we also undertake units of work and assemblies to give the children the skills to be 'e-safe' at home.

There are also filters run by Birmingham Local Authority that monitors and blocks inappropriate content in school. Unfortunately there is no software that is 100 % successful and on the rare occasions we have had breaches, there is a very thorough procedure that is followed.


Canterbury Cross have also purchased some software that monitors children's actions in school, in order to protect them from sharing too much information about themselves. Warnings are created and sent to the Head Teacher if there is inappropriate or dangerous activity going on within school.

In order to maintain children's safety there are units of work that the children undertake and a number of websites are available to help parents, staff and children become more aware of dangers and understand how to deal with them.


It is important that the school's role is also to train children to be safe outside of the school's protected environment.

Additionally, we have included some links and documents to make you aware of how to protect your children online.

Unfortunately, the school cannot offer any technical support on the software as all PCs are set up differently and have varying specifications. It is up to the parent as to whether they wish to download software onto their PC. The school cannot take any responsibility for the parent choice to download the software.

Parents E-Safety meeting

We have held meetings with parents to support them to protect their children online. If you would like to look at the presentation, follow the button below.


Gaming Advice

As a school, we understand how our lives have been changed by the use of the internet and online gaming. We understand that many children use the internet and games consoles/gaming devices in their everyday life.

Canterbury Cross would like to parents to be aware of the games and websites their children are using and as such would like to share some links that will help them to protect their children online.


E-Safety Advice

At Canterbury Cross we are very proactive at supporting the children in our school to be safe online.

Every half term each class has an E-Safety lesson to remind them of how to be aware of the dangers and pitfalls of using the internet. 

Whilst we can support the children’s use of the internet and digital technology at school, the majority of children’s online activity happens at home…

Bell Heath Year 6 - 24th June - 26th June

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