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At Canterbury Cross we assess each year group against the National Curriculum. Our school year is divided in 3 blocks; assessments are completed at the end of each block and the children's progress is recorded on our online monitoring system - Classroom Monitor. This system allows us to track children against the National Curriculum and see if they are meeting the expected standard, exceeding the expected standard or working below the expected standard.

Key objectives for each Year Group are used as targets for all children. These are kept in the front of the children's literacy and numeracy books and are self-assessed by the children and reviewed by the class teacher every half term.

Interventions are used to support specific areas of development for individuals and groups of children.

We meet with parents 3 times in an academic year to discuss progress against the standards; our door is always open if you wish to discuss the progress your child is making at any point in the year.

Bell Heath Year 6 - 24th June - 26th June

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