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The aim of the RE curriculum is for pupils to become respectful, tolerant and empathetic members of society. Through our high -quality teaching of RE we want to develop the temperament and disposition of our children and help them understand the diversity of the society they live in.  We deliver a curriculum which fosters curiosity, sharing experiences and acquisition of core knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of religions and worldviews.

The curriculum framework for Religious Education aims to ensure all pupils develop skills in:

  • investigating religions and worldviews through varied experiences, approaches and disciplines

  •  reflecting on and expressing their own ideas and the ideas of others with increasing creativity and clarity

  •  becoming increasingly able to respond to religions and worldviews in an informed, rational and insightful way

For more details please view our RE Curriculum Overview below.

Bell Heath Year 6 - 24th June - 26th June

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