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Welcome to Reception

We are 2 classes in one unit. The classes are F2K and F2A. We follow the EYFS curriculum and use Tapestry to share achievements with parents. We also follow the RWI scheme to teach phonics. You can access Tapestry using your browser or you can download the app to your phone or tablet.  If you have any difficulties accessing this account please speak to us. Please ensure your child brings their book bag every day. Homework is given out every Thursday and should be handed in on Monday. Reading diaries are checked and books are changed every Friday.



This week Reception have been exploring 3D shapes and identifying their properties e.g. how many faces/edges a shape has. In Literacy we have read and sequenced 'The Three Little Pigs' story and discussed which house was the strongest and why. In our UW lessons, we have started our new topic of 'People Who Help Us' and we have been learning about the Police. We discussed the different ways in which the police help us stay safe and how they serve our community. The children knew that we could dial '999' in case of an emergency. 



In Maths this week we have been learning how to share amounts between 2 groups equally. We also solved missing number calculations using a number line. In Literacy we have been reading the 'Little Red Hen' story. The children loved how hardworking the Little Red Hen was and how she didn't let her friends eat the bread in the end. In UW we have worked on two investigations as part of British Science Week. We investigated how time is measured and created our own sand timers. We explored magnets and learnt about magnetic forces around us. 



This week we have been looking at repeating patterns in Numeracy. The children have enjoyed continuing and creating their own repeating patterns using 2D shapes, colours and manipulatives. In Literacy, we have been continuing to read the 'Superworm' story. We have been using adjectives to write descriptive sentences about the characters from the story. In our UW lessons, we have been exploring minibeasts further.

Small Plane


This week in Numeracy the children have been practising addition using different methods. In Literacy we have been learning about Amelia Earhart who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. The children have worked hard to use a word bank to write sentences about Amelia's achievements. In our UW lessons, we have been consolidating our learning from our Transport topic and planning our own journeys. 



We have been learning our number bonds to 10 in Numeracy this week and practising subtraction. In Literacy we have read the 'Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry' story and writing descriptive sentences using adjectives. In our UW lessons, we have been looking at transport in the past and present. We have created timelines showing motorbikes through time.



This week in Reception we have started our new Transport topic. In Literacy we read the 'Naughty Bus story. The children enjoyed reading about the silly things the bus got up to. 

In our UW lessons we have been exploring our local area using maps, identifying features and drawing our route to school. 

Green Peas


This week, we have read 'Jack and the Beanstalk' We have been writing dictated captions, comparing and measuring length and we got creative making our own magical beans!

elmer collage.png


we have read Elmer - the colourful, unique elephant. It reminded us all that it is good to be different! On Friday, we held our own Elmer Day and Reception children and teachers came dressed in bright colours. They all looked great! We have been writing cvc words from the story, making our own patchwork elephant and exploring colour mixing!



This week we have been practising addition using jottings and consolidating our number bonds to 10 in Maths. In Literacy, we read the 'Farmer Duck' story where the children learnt about a poor duck who did all the work on the farm. In UW this week we have been exploring and discussing why Easter is celebrated by Christians. We read through the Easter story and the events that took place from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. We were visited by the Farm and the Animal man this week. The children had the opportunity to see different farm animals. We had goats, lambs, chicks, ducks, a pony, a calf, rabbits and mice. The  ‘Animal Man’ brought in different animals for children to hold and stroke. We saw a white faced scops owl, giant hissing cockroach, baby royal python, adult python, leopard gecko, legless lizards and a lesser tenrec.



In Numeracy we have been consolidating our learning of number bonds to 10 and we have been learning doubling facts up to 10 by looking at the pattern between numbers. In Literacy we have been reading the 'Commotion in the Ocean' story and using adjectives to describe the sea creatures from the book. In our UW lessons, we have been exploring the Spring season and observing changes that occur in the natural world. For World Book Day, we wrote our own class book based on the Naughty Bus story. F2A created their 'Naughty Aeroplane' story and F2K created their 'Naughty Train' story. The children enjoyed designing their illustrations for their book. 



This term we are learning all about Minibeasts! We kicked off the new topic with the 'Superworm' story. The children enjoyed reading about how he was a hero and had so many different uses! In Numeracy we looked at measuring and comparing weight using the key vocabulary 'heavy' and 'light'. In Literacy we began listening out for rhyming words in a story and the children had a go at writing their own rhyming string. In our UW lessons, we have been categorising minibeasts by their features. 



We have been learning all about 2D shapes in Numeracy this week and adding using a number line. In Literacy we have read the 'Runaway Train' story and wrote sentences about what the driver saw while trying to catch the train. In our UW lessons, we have been comparing life in the UK to life in Pakistan. We visited Coventry Transport Museum and the children enjoyed looking at real-life modes of transport from the past.



In Reception this week we have read the Hundred Decker Bus. We explored the journey the bus took and wrote about what we would see on the journey. We have also been exploring maps of our local area and identifying familiar features. 



This week, Reception performed their Nativity assembly to parents and to the whole school. All children sang beautifully and said their lines with great confidence. Well done Reception children!

bill goat gruff wtiting .png


This week, we have read 'The Three Billy Goat Gruff' We have started to write simple captions! We have had a very fun filled week investigating sinking and floating and exploring why certain objects float. Remember not all big items sink!


This week, we have read The Gingerbread man story. We have been sequencing, re-enacting parts of the story. We have been problem solving by making different bridges for the gingerbread man to use to cross the river so the fox doesn't eat the gingerbread man. in Numeracy, we explored number bonds to 5 using numicon. We also created our own poppies for Remembrance Day. 

Year 4 Swimming
4E Monday 8th April - Friday 19th April               4A Monday 22nd April - Friday 3rd May

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