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We are 2 classes in one unit. The classes are F2K and F2A. We follow the EYFS curriculum and use Tapestry to share achievements with parents. We also follow the RWI scheme to teach phonics. 

You can access Tapestry using your browser or you can download the app to your phone or tablet.  If you have any difficulties accessing this account please speak to us. 
Please ensure your child brings their book bag every day. Homework is given out every Thursday and should be handed in on Monday. Reading diaries are checked and books are changed every Friday.

Welcome to Reception
star of the week.PNG
F2K- Jannat & Huzaifa
F2A- Mehraz & Khadija
F2A - Rayyan

04/12/23 -15/12/23
Jack and The Beanstalk
This week, we have read 'Jack and the Beanstalk' We have been writing dictated captions, comparing and measuring length and we got creative making our own magical beans!

20/11/23 -24/11/23
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
This week, we have read 'The Three Billy Goat Gruff' We have started to write simple captions! We have had a very fun filled week investigating sinking and floating and exploring why certain objects float. Remember not all big items sink!

bill goat gruff wtiting .png
oil floating.png
floating 1.png
floating 2.png

0610/23 - 10/10/23
The Gingerbread man 
This week, we have read The Gingerbread man story. We have been sequencing, re-enacting parts of the story. We have been problem solving by making different bridges for the gingerbread man to use to cross the river so the fox doesn't eat the gingerbread man. in Numeracy, we explored number bonds to 5 using numicon. 
We also created our own poppies for Remembrance Day. 

gingerbread man.png

23/10/23 - 27/10/23
This week, we have read Elmer - the colourful, unique elephant. It reminded us all that it is good to be different! On Friday, we held our own Elmer Day and Reception children and teachers came dressed in bright colours. They all looked great! We have been writing cvc words from the story, making our own patchwork elephant and exploring colour mixing!

cvc .png
elemeer outside.png
elmer collage.png

Reception Nativity - Thursday 14th December at 9.15am

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