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Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2, we have two classes which are 2B and 2K. Our PE days are Monday and Tuesday, children should come to school in PE kit on those days. Spellings are given out on a Monday and tested on a Friday and homework and reading books are sent home on a Thursday and should be handed in on a Monday.  If you have any questions about the homework, please speak to your child's teacher on a Friday.

Please see below our termly planner, our knowledge organisers and what we have been getting up to this academic year!

City Map with Braille


This week we used directional language when walking on routes. We created maps using left, right, forwards and backwards to identify the routes around school. 

Plant Soil


This week we started our new topic Plants. We discussed key vocabulary and also labelled parts of a plant. EG: roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits and petals. 



This week we had the opportunity to do Maypole dancing.  We had lots of fun and really enjoyed learning the dances. 

Diwali Candles


This week we learnt about Vaisakhi, we created designs linked to the festival.  

On the Trail


This week we learnt about different explorers. We looked at timelines and discovered when the explorers travelled, we also compared how they travelled. 



World Book Day!

This week was world book day.  We created our own version of the Gruffalo story. The children worked in tables to write pages and drew pictures for each page. 



This week we created four step food chains. We used key vocabulary to identify the producer, primary consumer, prey and predator. 



This week we learnt about routes and used directional language. We used a compass to locate areas on a map. 



This week we started our new Art topic, Portraits. We explored different lines and used them to create our own zentangle drawings. 

Christmas Pine Tree


This week we learnt the story of Christmas. On Thursday we had a traditional Christmas dinner followed by an afternoon full of fun activities. 



This week we finished our moving vehicles for our D. T project. We added our wheels, axels, hose and ladder.

Educational Toys


This week in R.E we continued to explore acts of kindness and compared two stories. 

Box of Crayons


This week we used different materials to create different lines. We used chalks, felt tips, pencil crayons and wax crayons to experiment. 

Small Suitcase



This week we explored past and present travel. We discussed how travel has changed over time. 

Photography Gear


This week we learnt how to take photographs in different formats. We looked at landscape and portrait photographs. 

thumbnail_Image 2 .jpg


This week the children did some research on an artist called Paul Keel. They looked into the meaning of paintings and annotated some of his artwork within their books. They also created some paintings using water colours.

Landscape Photography


Science Week

This week we became Scientists. We investigated a significant individual called Kitty Wilkinson. We also conducted experiments and created our own lava lamps. 

Contemporary Collage


This week we created our own versions of Picasso's self - portraits. We collaged our portraits by tearing and cutting paper, newspaper and tissue paper to create our backgrounds, then added the features of the face. 



The children did a workshop on the Chinese New year were they learnt a dance based of two of the animals celebrated during the Chinese New year. They incorporated the use of traditional fans and umbrellas within their dance.

Music Class


This week we used glockenspiels and recorders in music. We learnt how to play notes C and D for the song zootime. 

Vegetable garden


This week we learnt about habitats. We explored our local habitat and identified living things and non- living things. 



This week we have been focusing on respect and safety within school. The children created sentences that link to respect. 

Paper Craft


This week we started our D.T project, moving vehicles. The children tested different materials to make wheels and axels.

Diwali Candles


This week 2K performed their Diwali assembly. The children learnt about the importance of Diwali and what people do when celebrating. Then children were able to complete Diwali activities and games. 

F2A ટ્રીપ ટુ માઉન્ટ પ્લેઝન્ટ ફાર્મ - મંગળવાર 21st March 
F2K ટ્રીપ ટુ માઉથ પ્લેઝન્ટ ફાર્મ - બુધવાર 22મી માર્ચ

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