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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4, we have two classes which are 4A and 4E. Our PE days are Monday and Tuesday, children should come to school in PE kit on those days. Homework and reading records will be collected on Mondays, and homework  is handed out on Thursdays. 

Please see below our termly planner, our knowledge organisers and what we have been getting up to this academic year!

Parent Planner Summer Term


This week in Year 4 has been busy! Well done to 4A and 4E on all their hard work on their multiplication times table check. For Literacy this week, children have been planning their non-chronological report about a Chameleon. 


This week in Year 4, we started our new topic of non-chronological reports. 

In Maths, we have been working hard to convert money from pence into pound.



This week in Year 4, we have completed our topic on  'Haunted Stories' and have produced our stories for publishing. 



This week has been a very busy week so far for Year 4! 

This week in Literacy we have been focussing on our new topic of 'Haunted stories' Children wrote a fantastic plan of a character description based on Alma. 

In Maths in 4A, we have been looking at Roman Numerals. 


For World Book Day this year in Year 4, we created our own class book based off 'The Hungry Caterpillar' Children uplevelled the book and wrote their own ideas including looking at speech with action and drawing some amazing pictures to illustrate!



This week in Year 4, we have been looking at Historical Settings for our new Literacy topic. Children have been focussing on the features of a Historical Setting. Next week, children will have the chance to write their own Historical Story. 



This week we learnt how to convert decimals into fractions. In Literacy we continued learning about imaginary settings and created our own character and setting. We investigated how steam turns into a liquid in Science. 

Looking Through Telescope


In Numeracy this week we learnt about area. Children worked out the area and drew rectilinear shapes. In Literacy, we wrote our own explanation texts about how a telescope works. During our Geography lesson we used plasticine to create the formation of rocks. 

Christmas Pine Tree


This week we learnt the story of Christmas. On Thursday we had a traditional Christmas dinner followed by an afternoon full of fun activities. 

Ancient Ruins


We have had such a busy week this week in Year 4!

 On Monday, we visited Lunt Fort to continue exploring our topic on The Romans.

 4A had their class assembly on Thursday, where they performed the story of Boudicca. 


In Science this week, we have looked at teeth and created an experiment to see the effects of acid on teeth using vinegar and boiled eggs. 



We have had such a busy week this week in Year 4! In Numeracy, we have looked at conversion of time, which even though can be tricky, Year 4 did really well. In Science this week, we have been looking at our new topic of 'Animals including Humans' Children have so far looked at different types of teeth, and the uses of them!

thumbnail_Outlook-Image resu.jpg


For science week this week, children looked at making water clocks to fit in with the theme of time. We then moved on to creating our skittles experiment, where we looked at diffusion. Children had fun pouring water over skittles and watching how the colour runs from one concentrated area to a less concentrated area. 


We have had a busy week this week in Year 4. We are still continuing our topic of Historical Settings in Literacy this week, where children have written their own character descriptions of Flavia. In Maths, we have looked at our tricky topic of time, and in Science, this week we investigated all living things habitats in our school playground! 



This week, we have been busy creating landscapes for our new topic. The children have sketched and given reasons behind their choices. On a later date, they will be adding detail to create a collage. We look forward to seeing our final results on our display boards!



This week we looked at evaporation in Science where we observed how heat affects the amount of water. In Maths, we learnt how to multiply and divide numbers by 10 and 100 using a place chart. We started our new topic of cricket and dance.

Screenshot 2024-01-12 153615.png


In Literacy this week we have started to learn about explanation texts. We looked at a range of texts and looked at the language and structural features. We learnt about perimeter in Maths and drew rectilinear shapes. In Art, we added detail to our Greek theatre masks by adding paint.



This week we had a workshop where we learnt how to use African drums.

In history we explored the social hierarchy and learnt about the four different social classes.

F2A ટ્રીપ ટુ માઉન્ટ પ્લેઝન્ટ ફાર્મ - મંગળવાર 21st March 
F2K ટ્રીપ ટુ માઉથ પ્લેઝન્ટ ફાર્મ - બુધવાર 22મી માર્ચ

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