Year 6


Year 6 Secondary Transfer information.

Welcome to Year 6!  We hope you’ve had a restful, summer break and are re-energised for the new year ahead. Remember our motto: POSITIVE VIBES... Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen. Always reach for the stars!

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As you know, reading is so important. Here is a list of books that you can read if you wish. Enjoy...





Here are knowledge organisers for our science topics this term.


We will be studying ‘Victorians and the industrial revolution’ as part of our History topic.

Take a look at the knowledge organiser to find out about them and the significant changes that occurred during this time period.







A love for learning - what have year 6 been up to this week?

The children had an amazing time during their trip to Ackers Adventure. They took part in rock climbing, skiing, tobogganing and bell-boating on the canal. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking risks and learning new skills. We admire their courage and perseverance!


wb: 20.09.21
Year 6 started their History topic this week by ordering eras on a timeline. They used their deduction skills to find out about life in Victorian Britain by exploring paintings from the Victorian time period.


wb: 27.09.21
We have been exploring light and dark tones and practising how to create sketches that appear 3D.


Tuesday 5th October
We had the pleasure of inviting into school visitors for our Victorian workshop. Year 6 explored toys from the era, as well as experiencing what school would have been like for children.

Thursday 14th October
This afternoon children took on the roles of Historians. They examined primary resources (household objects) from the Victorian era and compared houses from this era to modern day living.

Colorful Houses
Modern Kitchen

Tuesday 19th October
This week in Spanish, year 6 took on the roles of a shopkeeper and customers, asking for and sharing prices of items of clothing. In previous weeks, we have learnt to describe clothes, recapped on colours and numbers and focused on our pronunciation of Spanish words.


wb: 02.11.21
Welcome back to Autumn 2! For PSHE this week, we have been self-reflecting and looking at our conduct and behaviour in and out of the classroom, and how we can improve.


wb: 08.11.21
The children have really enjoyed learning about the festival Diwali. Check out their work...



wb: 15.11.21
To mark Anti-Bullying Week, year 6 have have been thinking about how they can be kind to others, as well as themselves. 



wb: 22.11.21
This week, we started our new Science topic: Light. The children used torches to explore how light travels before moving onto explaining how it enables us to see.


wb: 06.12.21
For our Design and Technology topic, year 6 have learnt about the World's tallest building before designing their own skyscraper. They worked in teams to produce a model of their structure. These are 6D's models:


wb: 13.12.21
For their last week before half term, year 6 indulged in a range of activities, including making their own calendars for the new year.


wb: 03.01.22

Happy New Year and welcome back!

For our e-safety lesson this week, we have been looking at the different types of cyberbullying and how to capture bullying behaviour online. Take a look at some of the posters we have created.


wb: 10.01.22
Year 6 are fortunate to have a coach from Aspire Active working with them this term. The children really enjoyed their first PE session: they took part in various sports games to develop the following skills: teamwork, communication and honesty. 

wb: 17.01.22
In Science this week, we have been learning about Isaac Newton's theory of colour. Children attempted to make their own colour wheels to help us demonstrate how the colour spectrum works. If you would like, you can also have ago by following the link below: