Year 6


We hope you’ve had a restful break and are re-energised for the new year ahead.

Remember to work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen.

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As you know, reading is so important. Here is a list of books that you can read if you wish. Enjoy...





Here are Knowledge Organisers for our Electricity and Light science topics.



We will be studying ‘The Victorians’ as part of our History topic. Take a look at the knowledge organiser to find out a bit about them.




Time to get up and get active!

If you need a break in between your live lessons on Microsoft Teams, have a go at these short brain break activities to re-energise!




Hi guys, hope you're all keeping safe. Well done to everyone for logging onto Teams and joining our live lessons. Keep up the hard work.

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Here is the Parent Planner for the summer term.

Take a look at the Knowledge Organisers for Science and Art this term.

Here is a recommended reading list for our Geography topic. What fascinating things will you discover about rivers...?

A love for learning - what have year 6 been up to this week?

Scientists sort and group living things according to their similarities and differences. This is called classification. Scientists who classify living things are called taxonomists. In Science,, the children acted as taxonomists today: they had to decide how to classify vertebrates and give reasons for your classification. Take a look at their criteria and use of key.


wb: 17.05.21

This week highlighted our children's art skills. Adding colour and pattern was the focus of our lessons and as you can see, year 6 have produced some colourful landscapes!


wb: 24.05.21

In maths, we have been looking at how data can be presented. We began by interpreting and reading pie charts before actually drawing our own and adding the correct values using protractors to measure angles of sectors.


wb: 07.06.21

On our first day back, we discussed how to identify risks and dangers in and outside the home before devising our own rules to keep safe in the sun. Year 6 have also focused on road safety and the children created posters they could share with other students promoting safe road crossing.


wb: 14.06.21

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about road safety and how important it is to know about the ways children can be independent while crossing roads safely.

This week, we went outside and crossed the road. The children were very sensible and applied all the rules they had learned in class to an outside setting.

wb: 21.06.21

This week for PSHE, year 6 have been learning about drugs - legal and illegal - and the effect it has on the body. We explored how smoking is dangerous and the negative effects it has.


Monday 28th June - our Woodlands trip

Year 6 challenged themselves at Woodlands Adventure and Outdoor learning this week. Children were given the opportunity to kayak, complete an assault course, practise their archery skills and experience the zip wire!


wb 05.07.21

Year 6 have focused on their Geography work this week. We have put our Atlas skills to the test to locate mountain ranges across the UK. Following on from this, we learnt how different types of mountains (across the world) were formed.


wb: 12.07.21

Our last full week as year 6 was very much like this year - different. Year 6 graduated this Thursday and we couldn't be prouder!

Well done and keep shining bright!