Welcome to Year 5!

Click on the parent planner above to find out what we will be learning this summer.


Please have a look at the knowledge organisers for our History and Science topics for this term.


After exploring, planning and designing, Year 5 used a range of materials to create Mayan masks using papier-mâché.


We have been using the bar model to help us solve a variety of word problems. We are able to use the part-whole and the comparison model to answer questions using the four operations.


This week in year 5, we have explored how different cultures throughout history have used different number systems. We specifically looked at the Maya number system and had a go at writing them, using the symbols! 


This week in our Science topic 'Living things and their habitats,' we made careful observations of the internal and external anatomy of an egg. We were able to identify chalazae, the germinal disc and air sac within the shell. 


In year 5, we identified the ways in which Buddhists show commitment to their religion. We looked at: the alms bowl, razor, two robes, sandals and the prayer beads.


All week, we have been preparing for our project to design a sculpture inspired by the Taj Mahal. We have built prototype domes to practise the skills needed, as well as created our annotated designs for the building!


This week, we used junk modelling to create sculptures. Following our design briefs, we made sure the painted models were supported structurally. Can you guess what they were based on?