Year 4 

Welcome back year 4! 

In Maths, we learnt how to work out the area of rectilinear shapes. This week in Literacy, we have started to look at explanation texts. We explored the features and how they help encourage cohesion and keep the reader interested.

In Science this week we have been exploring teeth. Children have identified different ways to help keep our teeth and gums healthy, they also identified what causes harm to our teeth. They then went on to conducted experiments to help us identify which liquids caused the most decay on our enamel. This was done by leaving eggs for over a week in four different liquids! We came to the conclusion from our results that vinegar and diet coke were the most acidic and harmful in comparison to normal coke and water! How interesting!


Please have a look at the recommended books for children to read at home.

Please have a look at the knowledge organisers for our History and Science topics for this term.