Year 4 

Welcome back! We hope you had a restful break and are looking forward to Summer Term 2021.


Our PE days remain the same Monday and Thursday, please ensure that you have warm clothes on and a coat in school as all PE sessions will take place outside. 

Click on the Parent Planner to find out what you'll be learning this Summer term.

Please have a look at the knowledge organisers for our History and Science topics for this term.


In our D & T lessons this week we have been planning and designing moving pictures! Children started the week off by researching different designs linked to their geography topic of Desert and Tundra. They drew their favourite three and wrote their own viewpoints on each piece.

Once children had drawn and given their opinion on each of their three sketches, they moved on to picking their final designs and sketching them in more detail.

During the week children also understood what exactly made the 'moving picture' move! They learnt all about levers and how they function. Children had a chance to create their own levers using three different materials to test out which were the best type for their moving pictures. In the end they decided card would be the ideal material for their lever!

After much planning and preparation children finally designed their final piece. They were able to use different skills such as using different tones that complimented each other, using the blending technique to add texture to their pictures and also using solid lines to outline the images to create an eye catching picture.

Below are just some of the final designs!