Year 4 

Welcome back Year 4! Hope you all had a lovely holiday!


We have started our D&T topic which is to make a Roman bulla bag using textiles. We researched and investigated a range of purses, wallets and bulla bags. Here is some of our work below. 

































We hope you have had a lovely Eid, to those who celebrated this week! It was lovely seeing the children come back in and tell us all about their exciting day!

This week we finished our bulla bags and completed our evaluations!

These past couple of weeks we have also been focussing on information texts in Literacy. We have learnt all about how to identify, plan and write and information text!


This week has been great! Year 4 have started to look at their geography topic all about the deserts and tundras around the world! So far this week we have learnt about the different continents including what countries can be found within them and also the hilliest points of these continents! 


We had sports day this week and participated in long jump, javelin and relay races. We all had competitive spirit as we were in our house teams. In Maths, we learnt how to read an analogue and digital clock. 


This week we participated in activities relating to the Queen's Jubilee. We learnt about the different ways it is celebrated and how we can celebrate it ourselves! We also created a crown, a 1970s inspired stamp and drew a sketch of the Queen. 

Please have a look at the knowledge organisers for our History and Science topics for this term and the recommended books for children to read at home.