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Welcome to Year 3

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday, so remember to come to school wearing your PE kit, with your school jumper. This includes sensible footwear, a jacket that can be removed if warm and a bottle of water. 

Homework and reading records will be collected on Mondays, and homework  is handed out on Thursdays. 


Please see the weekly Good to be Green and Star of the Week awards!

Maryam T 3SM
Hannah 3Q
Tanish & Humeria 3SM
Yusuf H & Azmaeen 3Q

We have been learning about Animals Including Humans. We put together the bones for the Skelton and named him Bob!



We have been learning about the Amazon River and the Amazon Basin. We have looked at the uses of the Amazon River, the Rainforest layers, the indigenous people who depend on the Amazon to survive. Rainforest 'Dave' also came to visit us and brought a selection of different animals for us to look at. See some of the pictures below.


Reception Nativity - Thursday 14th December at 9.15am

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