Year 3 

Welcome to our year 3 page!

3G's teachers are Miss Gibbs and Mrs Gripton. 

3S's teachers are Miss Sprott and Mrs Warren. 

Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday, so remember to come to school wearing your PE kit, with your school jumper. This includes sensible footwear, a jacket that can be removed if warm and a bottle of water. 

We go swimming on Wednesday so remember your swimming kit!

Homework and reading records will be collected on Mondays, and homework/spellings/handwriting is handed out on Thursdays. 

Please see the buttons below for the parent planner and weekly celebration assembly notices. 

Thank you! 

Before the holidays, the children took part in some Jubilee activities, and our year group was given the 80's as our era to study. 
We looked at and discussed the history of the Berlin Wall, and the children learned about the graffiti art that would have covered it. 

They then had their own 'walls' that they could graffiti themselves, making sure to spread messages of hope and love. 

While they were on their break, Miss Sprott and Miss Gibbs put together their graffiti art and created our Year 3 Berlin Wall, which is now proudly displayed outside of Miss Gibbs' classroom!