Year 3 

Welcome to our year 3 page!

3G's teachers are Miss Gibbs and Mrs Gripton. 

3S's teachers are Miss Sprott and Miss Begum. 

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday, so remember to come to school wearing your PE kit. This includes sensible footwear, a jacket that can be removed if warm and a bottle of water. 

Homework and reading records will be collected on Mondays, and homework/spellings/handwriting is handed out on Thursdays. 

Please see the buttons below for the parent planner and weekly celebration assembly notices. 

Thank you! 

This week in science, year 3 have been learning about the process of germination. They learned that this means when a plant begins to grow and sprout a small sapling. 

The children then set up their own investigation into whether seeds need soil to grow by creating their own 'Sprout House'. 

They took damp cotton wool and a seed, placed it into a bag and sealed it up, ready to observe any changes over the next week. 

Excitingly, some o them are already beginning to sprout after only one day!